Woodstock – The 40th Anniversary

 Dennis Elsas with Richie Havens, John Sebastian and Vernon Reid

Dennis Elsas at the Museum at Bethel Woods

Woodstock didn’t happen in the town of Woodstock, NY. The three-day festival that defined a generation actually took place fifty miles away in Bethel, NY. The Museum at Bethel Woods – the Story of the Sixties and Woodstock – has opened at the original festival site and I’m proud to be featured as the “Voice of Rock History” throughout the exhibits.

The concert’s promoters were forced to make the decision to move the Festival just weeks before the scheduled dates. They turned to FM radio to spread the word. In this clip, legendary WNEW-FM personalities Scott Muni and Rosko give their listeners all the details, newsman Mike Eisgrau reports from the scene as the extraordinary events unfold in August 1969, and nearly forty years later (May 2008) Richie Havens and John Sebastian told me how they became a part of rock n’ roll history.